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Message from Founder & CEO, Chuck McDowell

Hey, Chuck McDowell here,   When I founded this company, we had one goal: to help good people out of bad situations.   When I first started helping timeshare owners, it was just me and my son in a small house 30 minutes outside of Nashville. Little did I know that our company would grow […]

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New Year’s Resolutions from our Resolutions Department

A new year is right around the corner! The arrival of 2020 is especially exciting for us at Wesley Financial Group, LLC, and so we have asked some of our resolution specialists to share with us their New Year’s resolutions for their upcoming year at WFG. Take a minute and give it a look!   […]

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Wesley Financial Group’s Holiday Party Recap

Wesley Financial Group’s Holiday Party Recap On December 13, 2019, Wesley Financial Group hosted our second annual holiday party! Thank you to everyone who joined us. We had the best time celebrating the holidays with you – it was the perfect way to close out WFG’s amazing year. Our Nashville and Las Vegas teams came […]

timeshare, timeshare cancellation, timeshare exit

What’s in a Name?

What’s in a name? Well, a lot when it comes to your business’s success, notoriety and mission.    Have you wondered where Wesley Financial Group got its name? Many entrepreneurs name companies after their family, and being a family-owned company, you might assume Wesley is a family name. However, this is not the case.    […]


Who is Wesley Financial Group?

Wesley Financial Group, LLC assists timeshare buyers who feel they have been misled or had deceitful tactics used against them during the purchase of their timeshare. Whether you owe on your timeshare or not, Wesley Financial Group LLC may be able to help you. How did Wesley Financial Group get started? After becoming a sales […]