Chuck McDowell’s Fight Against Fraud in the Timeshare Industry

Chuck McDowell’s Fight Against Fraud in the Timeshare Industry: A David & Goliath Story

When we take a look at the story of Chuck McDowell and his rise as a leader in the timeshare cancellation industry, we see that his beginnings in the timeshare world were much more humble. Truly, at the precipice of his rise to leadership, his story becomes much like David and Goliath. Chuck epitomizing the much smaller, yet mighty David in comparison to a big timeshare company like Wyndham – Goliath. His rise above the mire and vitriolic attacks that surrounds lawsuits, further solidified one of his already astute and thoughtful character traits – one of serving others. To take a look at Chuck McDowell’s fight against fraud in the timeshare industry is an inspirational look at what happens when we stand up for what is right, no matter how big our foe may appear to be.

Chuck McDowell v. Wyndham, or David v. Goliath

Physically, David was no match for Goliath. Goliath was tall and mighty, David small in comparison. If you look at Michelangelo’s famous sculpture of David, you can see the apprehension in David’s eyes. Although we all know that David ultimately succeeded, it wasn’t without apprehension. But there was courage within David as well. David didn’t give up the fight. David continued to fight. As most of us know, David outsmarted Goliath. He used his knowledge to his advantage.

In a fight with goliath Chuck McDowell stood strongThe story of Chuck McDowell is akin to the story of David and Goliath. Chuck McDowell was to fight one of the largest timeshare companies in the world – Wyndham. In comparison, Chuck McDowell was much like David in that he was much smaller than the Goliath Wyndham.

Chuck McDowell’s start in the timeshare cancellation industry is a little bit different from most. He started off working for Wyndham. It was only when he learned of the high-pressure sales tactics and other deceitful tricks that were being used to dupe countless consumers in timeshares, that he could no longer bare it. He stepped back from what he was doing and stopped working for Wyndham.

Now, many people may not have had the same outlook as Chuck. Unfortunately, history has shown us that there are a lot of people who willfully turn a blind eye to wrongdoings. Chuck McDowell could have just done the same, but he would have none of that. Not only would he start working in the timeshare cancellation industry, but he became the President and CEO of a leader in the very same industry. Chuck McDowell withstood a lawsuit by Wyndham. Rather than cower and stop working in the timeshare cancellation industry, he continued the battle in court against Wyndham. Like David v. Goliath, Chuck McDowell won.

Chuck McDowell’s Beginning

Perhaps Chuck McDowell can owe some of his success to the rich and multi-varied talents that have enabled him to have a wealth of business acumen. In turn, this acumen highlights a varied and wonderful background that shaped Chuck McDowell into the leader that he is today.
A Tennessean, Chuck McDowell was born and raised in the Volunteer State, where he attended Mt. Juliet High School and Middle Tennessee State University. As someone born in the Volunteer State might expectedly do, he has spent the last 30 years focusing on serving others and running his own businesses. Chuck started his first company in 1982 and spent time as a stockbroker for Pru-Bache during the mid 80s. These years were prior to his ultimate introduction into the timeshare world, and his decision to stand up for those who have been taken advantage of by a timeshare company.

Chuck McDowell’s Rise in the Timeshare Cancellation Industry

Chuck McDowell later embarked on the insurance industry before becoming a sales representative for a timeshare company. It was at that timeshare company that Chuck realized the industry is not what he thought it was. After discovering the many deceitful tactics the timeshare industry encourages, Chuck left the industry to work on the other side, fighting for consumer rights. He soon served as the CEO for a timeshare advocacy group that is considered to be the pioneer of the timeshare cancellation industry. Just before forming the Wesley Financial Group, LLC, Chuck was the Vice President of operations at the second timeshare advocacy firm for which he worked. Today, Chuck McDowell is the President and CEO of Wesley Financial Group, LLC.

Withstanding Storms: Wyndham’s Lawsuit Against Chuck McDowell

After Chuck McDowell left the timeshare industry and began helping people fight timeshare fraud, he was challenged. As soon as Chuck McDowell began helping people cancel their timeshare due to timeshare fraud, the storm began to heighten. The lawsuit with Wyndham happened after he left working in the timeshare industry. Although there was an attempt to get him to turn away from the timeshare cancellation industry, the lawsuit didn’t thwart Chuck McDowell’s ability to stand firm in times of stress. He withstood the lawsuit, and won. The case was dismissed in Federal Court.

get help fighting timeshare fraud with Chuck McDowell  Like David, he used his knowledge and had faith that he was doing what was right. Turns out, he was right. As the President and CEO of Wesley Financial Group, LLC, he continues to help others in their fight against timeshare fraud. Chuck McDowell has seen all the tactics used against innocent consumers in the timeshare industry. The high pressure sales tactics to the outright lies used by some timeshare companies are what made Chuck McDowell turn away and help those who have been duped by a timeshare company. The fight against timeshare fraud is ongoing, and it has yet to stop. Until it does, Chuck McDowell will be leading the charge to end the deceit and lies used against countless individuals and their families.

Chuck McDowell: A Family Man & More

At the end of day, Chuck McDowell is a man that dutifully serves others. He has shown an exceptional journey in business and the timeshare cancellation industry, but he remains a family man at the same time. He is blessed as a father of two sons, Charles, and Cameron, and a stepdaughter, Ferrell. He is married to his best friend, Jo Ellen. As a Tennessean born and bred, Chuck and Jo Ellen live in Franklin, Tennessee, with their dogs named Bud and Ollie, and their cat named Bises.

To encompass a lifetime of business intelligence and doing what is right isn’t always easy. We all face challenges one time or another throughout life, and the way we handle these challenges define us. Chuck McDowell stood up against a fraudulent act that were being committed against innocent consumers. He still does this today as the President and CEO of Wesley Financial Group, LLC, a leader in the timeshare cancellation industry. As an example for others, Chuck McDowell stays humble and committed to serving others in his position as a leader.

A Tennessean at heart, Chuck McDowell represents something that transcends all business and timeshare fraud: serving others. Like the David and Goliath story, Chuck McDowell’s fight against Wyndham remains an inspiration for everyone in the fight against timeshare fraud, and to others as well. It stands as a testament to standing up for what is right, no matter how big and grand your foe may appear to be.