Guaranteed Cancellation and 100% Money Back Guarantee

Our guarantee to you

Our Guarantee is in Writing!

Some companies say that they will guarantee their results. We do more than just “say” it, we put our guarantee in writing! Unfortunately, the days of a handshake and a man’s word are far behind us. Chuck McDowell has always honored his word but insists that we go a step further and put in writing to you. That way you can proceed with Confidence that not only will we do what we say but we stand behind those words with an in-writing contractually obligated guarantee.

Hire us with Confidence to Cancel Your Timeshare

Wesley Financial Group engages in a thorough vetting and review process before it accepts anyone as a client. There are many factors related to qualifying that include but are not limited to, the name of the timeshare and what representations were made to the potential client during the sales process and thereafter. Of course we know that things can change, and agree to stand behind the confidence we have in our services.

We Get the Job done On Time or You Get Your Money Back

Wesley Financial Group guarantees that those people who are accepted as clients will have their timeshare terminated within the contractually agreed upon time period. Our Service Agreement with each client sets forth with specificity the types of termination that satisfy this guarantee. If termination is not achieved during the contractually agreed upon time period, then Wesley Financial Group, upon written request from the client, will refund 100% of the Fee that the client paid to Wesley Financial Group.

So don’t wait and begin the process today, talk with a Timeshare Cancellation Expert now: